Simeio Solutions Monthly Newsletter - March 2016
Press Release: Simeio Solutions Secures 60 Million Identities as More Organizations Choose Identity-as-a-Service for Quicker ROI

60 Million and Counting!

Simeio just passed an amazing milestone: we've successfully secured and managed over 60 million identities, representing 140% growth since the end of 2015.

"Organizations all over the world are choosing Simeio Identity-as-a-Service as a means to quickly achieve results and ROI for security, risk management and identity relationship management," said Shawn Keve, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Simeio Solutions. "Our end-to-end solution, enabled by our specialized IAM expertise and our industry-first Identity Intelligence Center™ (Simeio IIC™), provides results that simply cannot be accomplished and sustained alone."

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Shawn's 2016 RSA Conference Recap and Takeaways

Shawn Keve Simeio was fortunate to have participated in the RSA Conference earlier this month. For me, it was a great opportunity to trade perspectives with strategic partners and industry thought leaders and to learn what is truly paramount to those who need to address Identity and Access Management (IAM).

The following are, plain and simple, the most repeated or provocative themes that I took away from the conference:
  1. "Are We Safe": IAM remains a Board-level issue as it has been for several years. However, in many cases there has been a shift in board-level concern from "are we compliant?" to "are we safe?" The "are we safe?" question is applied to the organization's assets (both information and physical) and to its employees, contractors, business partners, customers and constituents.

  2. Situational Awareness: Visibility and "situational awareness" seem to be some of the most pressing needs for executives. Most agree that they can be more effective without boiling the ocean with automation and that "there's no silver bullet" when it comes to a software solution. Clearly, we can't manage what we can't see or measure. Being able to see who has access to what (and what they are doing with it) is a practical and necessary place to start – before moving on to automate the universe (or broken processes).

  3. Privileged Credentials Under Attack: The majority of breaches are the result of the same attack vector – one that uses a compromised privileged account to then gain unfettered access to sensitive information. We heard stories related to data leakage of everything from credit card information, personal information and medical records, to pre-release financial reporting data. The management and auditing of privileged accounts and credentials (and the fact that they are often shared by multiple IT professionals) has often been overlooked or misunderstood. Tackling IAM for this special class of credentials is now a top priority for most executives that we spoke with during the conference.
We appreciate all of the participants at RSAC 2016 who shared their perspectives and we look forward to collaborating with our clients and our community to solve these critical issues.

Shawn Keve
Executive Vice President
Simeio Solutions

Simeio Blog Series: Limiting Vendor Risk

Simeio Blog Series: Limiting Vendor Risk In his previous post, Simeio Project/Service Delivery Manager Robert Streets discussed the first of four steps in how you can limit vendor risk. This month, Robert reviews maybe the most important of the steps, Step 2: Identify and control who is accessing your critical information.

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Congratulations Ed Pascua!

Ed Pascua Congratulations to Simeio's Ed Pascua for being voted to the Board of the Cloud Security Alliance – Atlanta Chapter!

Simeio IAM Security Simeio IAM Security Learn more about
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Charlotte ISSA Annual Summit
May 19
Charlotte Convention Center
Charlotte, NC

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Cyber Security Forum 2016
May 22–23
Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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