Simeio Solutions Monthly Newsletter - February 2016
The Harm in Password Reuse

The Harm in Password Reuse

At Simeio, our primary focus is helping organizations secure their most valuable digital assets with state-of-the-art Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies, technologies and professionals with highly specialized skills and expertise.

Doing business in today's interconnected world requires giving employees, partners, suppliers and customers access to sensitive resources on your network. Every one of these user accounts is a point of vulnerability that no firewall can address – that's the job of IAM.

One such vulnerability that's often overlooked – and somewhat challenging for an organization to control – is password reuse.

Password reuse is when someone uses the same credentials they use to access your network to access services outside of your organization – services such as dating or gaming sites, social media sites, etc. If a malicious actor compromises one of these systems where passwords are poorly encrypted or stored in the open, they now have access to your network, too.

In this month's lead article, guest contributor Thomas Duffy, Chair of the Multi-state Information and Analysis Center, discusses the challenge of password reuse.

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Limiting Vendor Risk – A Deeper Dive into Step 1

Limit Vendor Risk - Step 1 Ba href="#" target="_blank">four critically important steps for reducing risk associated with vendors who need access to your network resources. In this follow-up post, Robert Streets, Simeio Project/Services Delivery Manager, takes a bit of a deeper dive into step 1: how to properly grant and remove access.

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Join Us at RSA Conference 2016

RSA Conference 2016 is just around the corner, February 29 – March 4 in San Francisco. If you're planning to attend, we'd love to see you and hear about your identity and security challenges. We're excited to share with you a few of the great success stories we've had this past year helping our clients address challenges like yours. Come by our booth #N3222 and say hello!

To make it easy, we've got several expo hall passes to give away – but hurry! You need to request one by February 26.

a href="#">sign up for our Executive Event! Enjoy killer views, food and drink from atop the St. Regis San Francisco.

Learn more a href="#" target="_blank">request a free pass today.

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